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2 litre capacity boxed Enteroclisma FullWash home enema kit – durable, reusable and easy to use

Cleanse and detox Digestion

Product summary

A 2 litre capacity boxed Enteroclisma FullWash home enema kit for personal use. A basic colonic hydrotherapy session in the privacy of home, without embarrassment.

This kit has both an anal cannula for colonic enemas and also a vaginal irrigation cannula.

Durable and easy to use, this re-usable enema pack delivers best results when used in combination with products from our Digestive System, Colon Cleansers, Cleanse & Detox and Probiotics ranges.

It is very simple to use. Just follow these 6 steps:

  1. Open the holder.
  2. Screw in the rubber tube.
  3. Connect this to the anal or vaginal cannula
  4. Fill the PVC bag with your chosen cleansing solution.
  5. Open the tap and carry out the cleansing.
  6. After use, remember to clean all the instruments carefully.

Further information

Best practice is to replenish the bowel flora with probiotics after use. Ideally combined with other digestive system supplements and intestinal products for best results.


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