Antarctic Krill Oil


Our Antarctic Krill Oil is of the highest grade and is sustainably-sourced from fisheries in the Antarctic
through Aker BioMarine™, who work with World Wildlife Foundation Norway.
This 500mg supplement contains omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) and phospholipids – “good” fats
that are required for a healthy body and mind.
It also contains the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin. Antioxidants protect our cells from damage by
harmful free radicals – unstable substances that are thought to contribute to certain chronic diseases. Unlike
many other antioxidants, astaxanthin crosses the blood-brain barrier, where it can protect the eye, brain and
central nervous system from free radical damage.
People use krill oil for the same reasons they use fish oil, flax oil or other omega 3 fatty acids. However,
unlike fish oil, krill oil does not cause fishy burps or leave an after-taste, a common side effect of fish oil.
Krill oil is also more easily absorbed by the body and contains higher amounts of astaxanthin than fish oil


60 capsules (500mg): A source of Omega 3 and astaxanthin

Antioxidants Immunity Heart health Omega oils Bone and joint support Skin, hair and nails Brain function Weight loss Women's health

Product summary

Antarctic Krill Oil (Euphausia superba) is a natural source of high concentration omega 3 oil, the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, as well as high levels of phospholipids – a fundamental component of human cell membranes. It contains two types of Omega 3 fatty acid: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Krill oil is used for the same reasons as cod liver oil, flax oil and other omega 3 fatty acids, but is often favoured because it does not cause fishy burps or an after-taste – a common side effect of fish oil.

The fact that it contains astaxanthin is also unique. The ultimate antioxidant – researchers have found that it may be more powerful than vitamin E, beta-carotene and lutein. It can also enhance the action of other antioxidants, such as vitamin E and C.

Our krill oil is a high-strength formula (500mg), provided in an easy-to-swallow marine gel capsule form. It is sourced exclusively from sustainable fisheries in the Antarctic, through our partners Aker BioMarine™ who work with World Wildlife Foundation Norway to ensure sustainable krill harvesting.

Approved EFSA health claims:

  • EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart (with a daily intake of 250mg) –
  • DHA and EPA contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure (with a daily intake of 3g of EPA and DHA)* –
  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal blood triglyceride levels (with a daily intake of 2g of DHA and when taken in combination with EPA)* 
  • DHA contributes to maintenance of normal brain function (with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA) –
  • DHA contributes to maintenance of normal vision (with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA) –

*Users should not exceed a supplemental daily intake of 5g of EPA and DHA combined.

Take 1 to 2 capsules per day or as advised by a health professional.


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